Welcome to Jdezire, the place to visit for stunning bridal gowns & fabulous friendly service.

The collection 

We have carefully selected a wide collection of stunning wedding dresses and accessories to complete your perfect wedding day look. With gowns in all styles from fishtail to ballgown and full lace to plain chiffon we have something for everyone.

Prices range from £295 up to £1,200 and sizes range from 8 to 24 with all gowns available to buy off the peg on the day.

In addition to our huge collection of bridal wear we also have a wide selection of beautiful accessories to complete your look.

  • Hair accessories & Jewellery – combs, tiaras, vines, circlets, veils and jewellery sets.
  • Gown accessories – Shrugs, jackets, stoles, capes, petticoats and belts.

“ Thanks for providing such a wonderful service x You come Highly recommended ”

Please contact us to arrange your visit to find your perfect wedding dress. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of our frequently asked questions to help with booking your appointment and what happens next.

How many gowns do you have in your collection?

We have carefully selected a wide collection of over 150 stunning wedding dresses so you can find your perfect gown. With gowns in all styles from fishtail to ballgown and full lace to plain we have something for everyone.

How much are your gowns?

Prices range from £295 up to approximately £1,200. (sale dresses from £99)

What sizes do you have in store?

We hold a range of sizes from 8 to 24 in store but this is subject to changing stock levels.

Do I need to book? 

We typically work by pre-arranged appointment so we can allocate you a changing room and someone will be available to see you. We do also hold a selection of ‘Walk In’ days where appointments are not required, please check our Contact page and Facebook for the latest info one these.

How many guests can I bring?

We have comfortable seating for a couple of guests but if you don’t mind things being a bit cosy we can squeeze in a couple more but please let us know in advance.

In our experience we do find that more than 4 guests can make things quite confusing for the bride with so many opinions to listen to. It may be worth considering who you really need with you and whose opinions you value.

Do I need to bring anything?

You don’t need to bring anything in particular to your bridal appointment but if you have a strapless bra and/or your wedding shoes feel free to bring them with you.

The one thing we recommend bringing is an open mind as you may fall in love with something completely different to what you originally expected, it may even be the first gown you try on.

We do ask if you can please refrain from wearing fake tan or heavy makeup.

Do you have parking near by and easy access?

We have lots of handy free parking just a few meters away and are located on the ground floor so are accessible for all. 


As all bridal gowns are made to the designers standard size / length the likelihood is that you will require some alterations as standard. We are happy to advise about what alterations may be required at any time.

We have a selection of skilled seamstresses who we recommend but you are welcome to take your gown wherever you wish.

Weight loss

It is still advisable purchase you gown within good time even if you intend to loose weight and as many gowns can be taken in by several sizes without any issues. We also advise to go for a size close to what you currently are as it is always better to take a gown in than attempt to let it out. If you are unsure about what to do we are happy to advise in more detail about fit and alterations etc.

If you wish to loose weight for your wedding your target date to be at your ideal weight is your first fitting and then try to maintain that size. Your gown will be pinned and altered to fit to the size you are at your first fitting so if you loose weight after this date further alterations may be required.