Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have a shop I can visit?

Yes, we are located at Fen Farm, just off Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln. Find our full address and directions here

– Please note that an appointment is required for all visits except on our shopping event days between the advertised open hours.

How can I book?

Please email to book your appointment. Ideally please include your wedding date and preferred date to visit in your email to speed up the process. You can also get in touch via Facebook messenger or Instagram.

Do I need to book for your ‘Walk In’ Shopping event days?

There is no need to book on the dates listed as ‘Walk Ins Welcome’ just come along between the advertised open hours for that date. Don’t forget to allow yourself time to try on.

Is there a booking fee?

If you wish to visit on one of our advertised shopping event days no booking fee is required for appointments or walk In’s.

If you would like to book a 2hr private appointment on a different day (subject to availability) there is a £30 booking fee, due in advance by bank transfer, with the booking confirmed on payment. A minimum of 48hrs notice is required for any changes or cancellations. Appointments can be changed once free of charge, subject to availability. We offer a refund (minus a £3 admin fee) for cancellations made at least 48hrs in advance, after that no refund will be given.

What is your price range?

Our collection is priced between £299 and £999, plus if you visit one of our shopping event days you may even get an extra discount.

What sizes do you stock?

We have dresses available in sizes 10 to 22. Gowns can typically be taken in 1 or 2 sizes without issue and sometimes can be let out up to one dress size. If you have tried on before and know you are now looking for something specific please get in touch and we can check our current stock and sizes for you.

Are bridal sizes the same as high street sizing?

Bridal shopping is a bit like shopping on the high street in the fact that one designers sizing might run different to another but sadly that is where the comparisons stop. Bridal sizing runs small, then add in that bridal gowns aren’t stretchy and you may find you need to go up one or even two sizes.

I haven’t tied on yet, do you have what I want? 

If you haven’t tried on yet, we recommend keeping an open mind as you may love something completely unexpected. Feel free to bring some photos of gowns you are drawn to as they make a great starting point. Ideally it’s great to have an idea of what your looking for before visiting as all our gowns are ‘ready to wear’ meaning we just have one of each gown available.

If I love a gown but I’m not ready to buy can you get it for me at a later date?

We advise to only visit us once you are ready to find and buy your wedding dress. The gown you see is the only one we have available in that style and once gone cannot be replaced. There is nothing worse than seeing a bride return to buy the gown she fell in love with and now can’t get out of her mind, only to have to tell her it is no longer available.

Do you have accessories available?

We have a range of veils and hair accessories available also at fantastic prices for you to buy with your gown.

Do you offer accessory appointments? 

Sadly we cannot offer accessory appointments but if you are looking for something specific, please get in touch and we can check if we have it in stock.

What happens when I find my gown?

All Jdezire gowns are one offs that can be bought ‘off the peg’ and taken home on the day.
When you find your gown we can discuss what alterations you will likely require closer to your wedding date and then you are all ready to take her home with you saving any stress from delayed delivery times etc.

How can I pay for my gown?

We accept cash or bank transfer.


The likelihood is that you will require some alterations as standard to achieve the best fit of your wedding dress. Typical alterations required would be to the gowns bodice, straps (unless strapless) and hem.

We’re happy to advise about what alterations may be required at any time.

We have a selection of skilled seamstresses who we can recommend in the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire areas.

Weight loss

It is still advisable purchase your gown within good time even if you intend to loose weight and as many gowns can be taken in by several sizes without any issues.
I generally advise to go for the closest size at time of purchase as it is always better to take a gown in than attempt to let it out. If you are unsure about what to do I am happy to advise in more detail about fit and alterations etc.

If you wish to loose weight for your wedding, we advise that you aim to reach your ideal weight by your first fitting and then you want to try and maintain that size. Your gown will be pinned and altered to fit the size you are at your first fitting so if you loose weight after this date further alterations may be required, resulting in additional costs.