Avoid DIY disaster with these key tips

Going down the DIY route for your wedding can be a great way to help stretch the budget and add personality but here are a few top tips to save yourself from going crazy at the same time.

  • Don’t take on too much

You may be great at all things crafty, love flower arranging and have an eye for venue decoration but planning a wedding is likely the biggest event you will ever take on without giving yourself even more work. You also want to be able to enjoy the day so decided on something you can do in advance and that you will not need to think about on the wedding day.

  • Work to your strengths

You might be super keen to try your hand at everything but really think about what you excel at rather than things you simply like or think will save you the most money. Some things can be much more difficult or time consuming than your would first expect and may end up stressing you out in the run up to your big day.

If crafting is your thing maybe try your hand at your wedding stationary or favours but leave the flowers to the professionals.

  • Get (selectively) inspired 

There is so much inspiration to be found out there but you need to be selective or it can become a bit overwhelming if you try to use everything together. Pick a theme and then filter the ideas you truly love but will sit nicely together.

Another good tip is to take inspiration from the ideas you love but then put your own spin on them to produce something truly personal. It also saves any disappointment when something you’ve tried to emulate doesn’t turn out quite the same.

  • Plan & start early.

Ok you’ve had a go at making an invite and it was really quick and easy, now you need to make 50+ of those and it’s not quite such a quick task anymore. The last thing you want is to have that hanging over you when they should really have been sent out last week. Start nice and early to avoid any undue stress.

  • Get a team together.

Things are so much quicker to DIY if there is a team of you working together. Gather up your bridesmaids and set up a little production line for these favours or invites. Have a task each, build the box, fill the box, tie the box and add the flower/crystal or whatever you are doing.

  • Think about timings

On the big day you will likely be up early for hair and make-up so be realistic about what you can/want to achieve on the morning of your wedding. Ideally I would advise to have as little to do/think about as possible so you can relax and enjoy the day. The same goes for the evening before as the time will seem to fly by even if you are just relaxing, let alone without things that still need to be finished off.

If you want to help set up the venue see if it can be done the day before and ideally have someone else lined up for anything that needs to be done on the day.

And finally…

… enjoy your big day and if something you’ve made is not quite perfect or doesn’t go exactly to plan don’t worry it just adds personality to your day. Xx