FAQs – Alterations

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As all bridal gowns are made to the designers standard size / length, and unlike high street clothing they have no or very little stretch, the likely hood is that you will require some alterations as standard. The most common alterations to be required are a hem alteration as nearly all designers make their standard length generously long (great news for tall girls who still want to wear a heel) and a bodice alteration to make sure the bust of the gown follows the contours of your body beautifully.

There is no point purchasing a fabulous gown then skimping on your alterations as it will never look it’s best. You should always budget a suitable amount for alterations and make sure that any work is carried out by a highly experienced bridal seamstress as they will make sure all work is carried out with the high level of skill and attention required.

When to book 

We advise to have your first fitting booked in for approximately 8 weeks before your wedding or the date you travel if you are getting married away. It is always advisable to speak to your seamstress well in advance so they can schedule you into their diary and seamstress details will be given when you collect your gown.

You may need to book your fitting on a weekday so we advise to keep some holiday available if required.

Expect to have 2 or 3 appointments to complete your fittings. At your first appointment your gown will be pinned and you will then arrange a date to return once your alterations are complete. Sometimes you may need to have further tweaks at this so a third or even fourth appointment will be arranged.

What you Need

You will need to take your shoes, bra and hoop (as required) that you will be wearing with your gown on your wedding day to all fitting appointments. It is not advisable to pin to a different bra/hoop/shoes as you may not get a good fit thus requiring extra alterations and possibly extra costs.

Who to take

For fittings we advise to limit guests to a maximum of two and wherever possible to avoid bringing small children. You want your seamstresses full attention to be on pinning your gown to achieve the perfect fit and this can be difficult if there are lots of distractions in the room.

You may wish to bring someone with you who will be helping you get ready on the day to see how to put you into your gown. This is especially useful if you have a lace up gown.

Weight Loss

If you are loosing weight before your wedding your first fitting is the date to be at your target weight. Once your gown is pinned and altered any further weight loss may result in additional alteration fees.


When you collect your gown from Jdeizre we will be able to give you an idea of the alterations you will require and a rough idea on how much the work will cost.

At your first fitting your seamstress will let you know what alterations are required, how many fittings you are likely to need and a quote on how much the alterations are expected to cost.


We are always on hand to give alteration advice on any of our gowns and answer any other questions you may have so please feel free to contact us,

Phone – 01522 682636 / Email – info@jdezire.co.uk

Facebook – facebook.com/Jdezire (Jdezire Bridal Boutique)